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Fine Quality Teas

Fine quality teas can be compared to good wines – they have distinctive flavors, colors and aromas. Spices Etc. has brought you an excellent variety of loose teas in your choice of sizes. Darjeeling Tea from India has a delicate flavor and lovely red color and is known as the "champagne of teas". Keemun Tea, first grown in 1875, has become the main ingredient in the combination of black teas called English Breakfast Tea. It stands up well to milk and sugar and thus the name "breakfast tea".

You'll find darker brews with strong flavors such as Pinhead Gunpowder Green Tea. Combining the taste of cinnamon with hot tea brings not only a rich aroma, but the added benefits of cinnamon. Many believe there are real health benefits to drinking green tea and we've made it simple to try four distinct green teas with our All Four Green Teas.

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